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Ergobaum Crutches

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About Ergobaum®

Introducing Ergobaum®, the first ergonomically designed, pain free crutch. CE, USA Medicare & Medicaid Approved!
A lightweight crutch/cane that effectively reduces these side effects:

Shoulder and Arm Pain
Underarm Discomfort
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendon Subluxation.

Only Ergobaum® has been designed by specialists to provide:

Exceptional stability thanks to its new no-slip shoe design.
Unmatched manageability through its two shock absorber technology and adjustable armband.
Superb ergonomics achieved through its easily adjustable, non-slip, rubber grip.
Remarkable comfort thanks to its built-in, retractable knee rest.
Plus, unique safety features: reflective bands, LED lamp and pushbutton alarm or panic button.

Ergobaum® Features

Safety Features:
Built in safety reflector and push button alert provide for more safety during use. Built in safety lamp for increased night vision.

Forearm Strap and Cuff:
Adjustable to patient’s size. Uses ratchet style sizing, which allows for a customized fit. Specific left/right forearm cup provides for correct ergonomics.

Built-In Knee Platform:
Allows user to comfortably rest the knee on the platform while standing. Especially useful for lower leg traumas such as ankle or foot injuries.

Adjustable Cushion Grip:
Contains shock absorbers, which helps the user avoid carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Wrist Tendon Subluxation. The grip is covered in a state of the art rubber, which provides for a non-slip surface.

Spring Loaded Base and Locking Collar:
Provides user with a cushioned ride, shock absorption and return energy through the normal gait. Eliminates annoying “rattle” found in most other crutches as well as metal fatigue from constant metal to metal contact.

New in Market Shoe Design:
Unique design provides traction throughout the gait and includes stabilizing “wings” fro better grip on uneven surfaces. This patented shoe can also be retrofitted to standard crutches and canes.

Ergobaum Crutch

Ergobaum Forearm Crutches

Shock Absorbers that reduce impact! Takes away all the "Pain" Associated with walking on crutches. Equipped with Ergoactive's Spring Loaded Shock Absorber Patented Technology, Spring Loaded legs that reduce impact with the ground, a Four-legged "Extra Balance" Ergocap High Performance Crutch Tip, Safety Features (Night Light, Horn, & Safety Reflectors), Built-In Knee Rest Platform, Forearm Strap & Cup, and the first crutch with an Adjustable Cushion Grip.
 Fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 99% of all adults 5' to 6'6" up to 350lbs. Ergobaum Crutches are the first forearm crutches in the world with full adjustability of the grip handle position.


For a limited time Ergobaum Forearm Crutches are available in 8 different shaft colors! Choose from Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Grey, Pink and Camo!

These forearm crutches can handle up to 350 Lbs.
Click on the image for a larger view.

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Package size is one pair.
Limited Warranty!!

Ergobaum Features Lots of features :
Ergobaum Crutches have many features that set them apart from other crutches. Just click on the image to see all of the features Ergobaum Crutches have to offer!
Ergobaum Handle Adjustable Ergonomic Handle :
No other crutch on the market allows you to adjust the handle for more comfort in your hands and wrists. Just click on the image for more information!
Ergobaum Black Ergobaum Blue Ergobaum Green Ergobaum Purple Ergobaum Gold Ergobaum Gray Ergobaum Pink Ergobaum Camo 8 Exciting Shaft Colors :
For a limited time choose from these exciting colors!
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Black, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOBK
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Blue, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOBL
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Green, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOGR
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Purple, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOPR
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Gold, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOGD
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Grey, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOGY
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Pink, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOPK
$ 169.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches, Camo, 5'0" TO 6'6"- SKU QMERGOCM
$ 169.95

Ergobaum Forearm Crutches Child, Black, 2'1" TO 5'0"
$ 159.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches Child, Blue, 2'1" TO 5'0"
$ 159.95
Ergobaum Forearm Crutches Child, Pink, 2'1" TO 5'0"
$ 159.95

Ergobaum Crutch Replacement Tips(1 Pair) - SKU QMERGOTIP
$ 34.95
Specifications: Weight: Less then 3 lbs per crutch, Weight Capacity: 350lbs
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0110

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