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Toilevator Toilet Riser

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Toilevator - Raise the toilet, not the seat!
Toilevator's discreet design fits under the existing toilet base, raising the entire toilet 3.5" Unlike add-on raised toilet seats, Toilevator is a one-time installation with no special cleaning or maintenance needed. And unlike the raised toilet seats, the seat on your raised toilet is stable and unobtrusive for family or company. The plastic base comes in white and can be painted to match the porcelain. Toilevator comes with everything needed to install, package includes:
White spacer base, Soil extension pipe, Long closet bolts, Hexagon nuts, Extended flexible water hose, Flat washers, Trim caps, Silicon seal, Installation instructions.
Compatable with all standard North American Toilets
Toilevator Grande is made for newer elongated toilets and has a 28 inch length.

Raises the seat height of a standard commode 3.5" inches.

Toilevator - SKU QMAH100
$ 109.95
Toilevator Grande- SKU QMAH350
$ 189.95
Specifications: Weight Capacity: 500 lbs, Length: 24"(Standard) 28"(Grande) , Width 11.5", Height 3.5"
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: N/A